The Definition of Adventure

The Official Definition:

The first step was to search the dictionaries for the official definitions. I remember as a kid having a monster-sized dictionary where we would look up words for fun. I’m thinking that old thing is just being used as a doorstop or for pressing flowers these days.

Miriam Webster definition of Adventure

How I Redefine Adventure:

My personal definition was years in the making. I had always thought of adventure as ‘backpacking across Nepal’ type of thing. But then I started pushing myself to try new things under the auspice of ‘adventure.’ When I started this business, I created my tag line of “Shifting perceptions, one adventure at a time.” Over time, that’s become the meaning of adventure to me.

Alternate definition of Adventure by Adventure Wednesdays

How Others Define Adventure:

Since I’ve developed this habit of wondering, it came naturally to ask others to define the word (without looking it up!). I received so many responses, it would be challenging to include them all here. (For privacy’s sake, I’m not using full names or have changed them. In some cases, I’ve edited them for clarity and spelling.) The concepts seem to center around four categories- attitude, travel, the unknown, and excitement.

1) Adventure as an Attitude

Adventure is all about taking each experience, regardless if you know the outcome or not and facing it head on. It is about seeing the world from a different perspective even if you seen it 1 million times before. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. ~Anna

Oprah at Weight Watchers shortly after when she bought into the company
Oprah came to the Weight Watchers headquarters during my last year working there. It was awesome to be “this close” to her!

2) Adventure as the unknown, out of comfort zone or a risk

To set out with excitement into the unknown. Embracing the challenges it presents, and being ready to be surprised and to surprise myself. ~Anne-Marie

Photo by Scott Harris of Bobby Hedglin-Taylor performing at a Phish concert
Embracing the unknown and trusting and letting go! Let go and the net will appear! ~ Bobby (photo: Scott Harris @scottharrisphoto of Bobby Hedglin-Taylor performing at a Phish concert)
Butterflies in Mexico. Photo by Larissa Rolley
Getting out of your comfort zone, trying something new. And trying can be anything from eating something, experience something, music, travels, just about anything that is outside of what you know. With an attitude of exploring. Don’t have to be high impact like adventure travel or motorcycle. But there’s a curiosity factor involved somewhere. ~Larissa (photo by Larissa Rolley

3) Adventure as Transformative Travel

Doing something and going somewhere you never thought you’d actually do/go and when you’re there you still can’t believe it. ~Cherise

4) Adventure as seen through the fun/exciting/new lens

Pursuing new experiences combined with excitement about what might occur! ~Leon

Adventure as an Attitude, part 2

Adventure, it seems, has an element of fun excitement to most people. An element of risk is key. I still see Adventure as an Attitude, a way of looking at life. I’ll end this introspection into the meaning of adventure with two quotes from a person I admire, someone who feels his whole life has been and is an adventure, Sir Richard Branson.



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Stacey Newman Weldon

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